Monday, January 26, 2009

Niki and Sarah are starting a business!!

These are just a handful of the things we have done For morethings that Niki has done go here: Niki
I will post more as we make it, and then i will direct you to our website as soon as we figure it out. Ok peeps, I am going to go to bed now!

Our AMAZING youth

We have had such a busy month. I am singing in the youth service at our church every Wednesday now. I love it! we have such a GREAT group of kids! if you ever want to see us, we stream it live at: at 8pm. Just click on the Link at the top that says "watch Live". Ok that was my shameless plug of the week!
Go watch and enjoy!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pipers birthdays!

So. I am now the mother of a walking and talking one year old. What the heck? Where did the time go. I cannot believe it has been a year already. We had a party with my parents in Bentonville, then one in Dallas with Rik's family, Then we had one here in The Rock. It was so much fun. Piper had a blast and got to eat 3 different cakes. I made her cake for the party here, and we had lots of friends over. She got some really great stuff.
She has such a personality now. Sometimes a little bratty, but we are working on it. I love being able to stay at home with her. Every day is a new adventure. She is learning to "read her books. She will walk around and "talk" with her books in her hand and then bring them to me to read. It is really cute. She loves to play with her new kitchen. She walks around with the pot and pan, stirring and"feeding" us and the dogs. She sometimes just likes to walk around the living room clapping and singing. She LOVES Elmo. we bought her an Elmo chair, and she will sit in it and watch TV. It is so cute. She is eating all big girl food now, though lately she is not wanting to eat her vegetables.
I think I may be bragging a little , so I will stop now, but , know that I love her and I am so PROUD of her.
Here are a few pics of the cake I made and her party!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm lost

So I have been being harassed by a person I went to high school with. We were not friends, but I was nice to them. I accepted their friend request on myspace and everything went fine till I got pregnant. Nasty and cruel messages started about how there is no baby, and I was a liar. I deleted the messages and then deleted them from my friends list. I made my myspace private. They requested me repeatedly over the next few months, then started on my mother, then my father, then my SIL. Something happened and I was no longer able to use my old account and I had to start a new one. I immediately made it private and requested a few people. They found that site and repeatedly requested me. They started following me on my twitter account. I blocked them. Then once again, they started following my mother and my SIL. We all made our profiles private and blocked them yet again. Now I have found out that they have been requesting some of my friends, who have no idea who this person is, and asking them why I hate them. They also have a blogger and I'm sure is reading this now. I don't want to make this private, because I have family that reads this from other states, and I want them to continue.
Last night I got a message from one of their friends asking why I hated them. This has been going on for almost 2 years now.At what point does this end? I mean good grief. Why can't we just be grown ups and move on with our lives? At the point when I first deleted this person, I had already had 2 miscarriages and was starting to miscarry the current pregnancy. Their comments were hateful and hurt me very deeply. I don't need that kind of person in my life.
I am completely worn out. I have no Idea what to do at this point. I mean this is definitely harassment, but what do you do about it on the Internet? I am so paranoid about what I put on any of my accounts. Even the moms site that I go on, I look for this person. I just know they will find me anywhere I go and harass me there too. I hate this. I'm sure my family and friends are getting sick of it too. I just don't know what to do anymore.