Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Thats how I feel today. I have by appearance had a great day. I just am in a funk. I hate moods like this. We woke up and took Rik to work this morning, and then Piper and I played on the playground for a while. She is getting so big so fast. She has started sliding down the slide all on her own now. She was scared to death of the slide for a while. All the sudden last night she started sliding down. She was having a blast. We came home after a big group pf kids got there, and I was afraid she would be trampled. We watched the end of Aladin and then I decided to take her to Chic-Fil-A for lunch. We ate then she played on the playground there. There was this little girl up in the tubes that kept picking Piper up and dragging her to different spots. I really didn't like it, but she wasn't hurting her or anything, and Piper was having fun. I looked up at one point though and Piper was crawling away from her to go to another tube, and the little girl started spanking her and saying "No No". It weirded me out. I wanted to yell at the girl, but Piper turned around and slapped her arm and screamed "no" right back at her. She left her alone after that. Needless to say, though, I got Piper out of there and we went home. It was nap time. Now I am doing laundry and watching TV, while Piper sleeps. I realized it had been a long time since I had blogged, so here we are.
We are going to have a long weekend, starting tomorrow. We are serving in the new singles ministry that is starting tomorrow night, and then Friday we are going to Camden AR with Solace Found. They are a band that we are with . Rik runs sound for them and drums sometimes too. I sing with them on occasion too. It should be fun, but a busy weekend. Then Monday the week starts all over again, and Wednesday I start singin again with our youth ministry.
Today though, I feel very blah. I miss home too. I mean this is my home, but I miss our old life in Dallas. I wonder what Pipers life would be like if we had stayed. What ours would be like, if we would have been able to buy a house, etc. All that doesn't help the blah's. Anyway, I think I have rambled along enough.