Thursday, March 13, 2008


So, Rick got a job offer to go work at a church  in Little Rock. We have been praying about it for a few weeks and haven't heard a yes, but we have a peace and an excitement about it. It weird to think about not living in Texas. They are having a meeting to discuss what they can pay him on Monday, then they are going to fly him out to do and interview. Depending on how that goes, then they will fly all 3 of us out, and well see how we like the church. If all goes well, then we could be moving in May most likely. Anyways thats all I know right now, but I will continue to update...Gotta go change the baby.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My terrible week and it only Wednesday

SO here we go

Sunday- Rick woke up at 4:30 with diarrhea and throwing up every 30 minutes. I thought that he had food poisoning cause exactly 6 hours before he had eaten taco bell. well he tell me and Piper to go to church, so we went. I had  a great time. I came home, and he was still sick, but hadn't thrown up in a while, so I thought he was getting better. Well I was wrong, I took his temp at 6:30 and it was 103.6. At that point he was weak, dizzy, and could barely open his eyes cause his head hurt so bad, so I decided we were goin to the ERI called Tim and Katie to see if they could watch Piper while we were ther, cause there was no way I wazs taking her with us. They said they would be right over, and while they were on their way I thawed out some breast milk. I only thawed one bottle cause I knew we wouldn't be there that long. 
We got there and there were a million people in the waiting rrom and I thought we would be waiting forever, but they called us back ten minutes after we got there and put us in a room. the doc came in and took some blood work and poked around a bit, and said he was severely dehydrated and had an infection, so he started him on 2 giant bags of saline, and 2 antibiotics, and Dilotid for the pain. well like ten minutes later the nurse came in and put him on oxygen cause he was getting enough. well this really freaked me out. After the 1st round of fluids, the nurse said he had one more round but if his vitals weren't stable then they were going to keep him over night. Well ends round 2 and he is staying over night. It is now 2 in the morning so I run home to pump and check on my mom who relieved Tim and Katie at 10:30 and realize I hadn't eaten since 1 that afternoon. mom made me a sandwich and I grabbed some things and threw them in a  bag and went back to the hospital. He was worse when I got back, they had given him more meds and some phenergan, his fever was still high and he looked like death warmed over. so I grab the sleeper chair and try to sleep.  I have decided to find the person that invented these things and drag them in the street to be shot, then Have them recover in this chair. It sucks, I don't know how Rik did it when I had Piper. Well at one point his oxygen dropped so low the alarm started going off, and the nurse comes running in and tells me that he has sleep apnea and we need to get him on a c-pap machine. No a good night. 
Monday- I woke up at 6 and called his boss and told him we were in the hospital and Rik wouldn't be coming in. I told Rick I was headed home to feed the baby and relieve my mom. the nurse said he was doing fine and they would send him home in probably an hour or so. So I go home Piper is still asleep , so I go lay down for about 30 minutes and then Rick calls and said to come get him. He still felt bad so he slept most of the day. I made him an appointment for the following morning with his Dr at 10:45, well I realize Piper needs her shots and they are in the same building why not kill 2 birds with one stone. So I make her appointment @ 1 . that gives us plenty of time to do his appointment and me to feed her then get her shots. Well by the evening I am felling kinda yucky myself, but I figure lack of sleep. Piper decides that she is going to eat every two hours for like 30-45 minutes each time, and screams when she wakes up like she is starving. I am in tears having only had 2 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours. 
Tuesday- we get to Ricks appointment and the Dr is behind, we didn't get in to see him till 12:15. So Piper is fussy cause it is time to eat, and I am feeling terrible, I mean doubled over in pain from my stomach hurting. Well the Dr takes so long I had to take Piper upstairs for her appointment, Rik makes it in time for them to call us back they give her the shots, she screams and we rush home. now at this point I am feeling like I am going to vomit everywhere. So we give Piper Tylenol and then I feed her and she sleeps the rest of the day, but every time we move her she screams because of her poor little legs. I ate some soup and then later some toast and felt all right and we went to bed. 
Wednesday- Rik is much better and heads off to work I wake up feeling like if I move I will die, but Piper is hungry I feed her and she falls asleep, so Do I. We spent the whole day in bed napping off and on. I felt terrible. I finally ate something at like 8:30 and felt much better, but here I sit not being able to sleep, still feeling a bit nauseated. 
I really hope tomorrow will be better. I don't think I can handle much more.

Sorry about the length of this, but I thought you might all like an update.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I posted a blog on myspace about csections and how tired I am of being made to feel like a failure cause I had one. I am just as much a mom as anyone else, and I labored for 14 hours 12 of wich with no epidural. I had no choice. But I still worked my ass off. Check out my other blog to read it.